A patient monitor startup strives to improve communication and ...

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A digital health company has developed a Web-based patient monitor program for PCs and mobile devices designed to help home health aides, caregivers and institutional care facilities like nursing homes keep a log of physical and behavioral health... The health IT program is designed to provide an effective system to generate actionable data, flag changes in health patterns earlier and improve communication. Patient monitoring market. With the... via MedCity News

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    Spacelabs Healthcare to Present New Patient Monitoring Solutions at CACCN's ...

    The Herald | HeraldOnline.com - 09/18/12

    ISSAQUAH, Wash. — Spacelabs Healthcare will present new patient monitoring solutions, including the AriaTeleTM telemetry transmitter* and qubeTM compact patient monitor as well as the recently released XPREZZONTM bedside monitor at this year's

  • Evening Standard Evening Standard

    Remote control patient monitor wins backing

    Evening Standard - 09/18/12

    The device, which uses a webcam and computer software, allows medical staff to measure heart rate, respiratory rate and, uniquely, oxygen saturation. The software is still in its experimental stage but could cut back on the need for patients to make

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    Importance of Patient Monitoring Devices in the Healthcare Industry

    HealthTechZone - 09/06/12

    Growth of technology in the medical industry has assisted healthcare professionals to provide their patients with better diagnosis and treatment. While comparing the facilities that were available in the healthcare industry a few years back, you can

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    Monitor investigation reveals health sector in a sorry state

    Daily Monitor - 09/17/12

    Standards of public health care are in free fall as fresh evidence now points at the acute shortage of sick-beds, especially in intensive care units, forcing doctors to discharge patients prematurely. A investigation has found that there

  • Minneapolis Star Tribune Minneapolis Star Tribune

    FDA OKs remote heart monitor

    Minneapolis Star Tribune - 09/11/12

    Developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, the BodyGuardian Remote Monitoring System allows remote observation of individuals with cardiac arrhythmias. The technology will allow physicians to monitor their patients' ECGs, heart rates, respiration